Places I’ve Blogged

I love to pin down places I’ve visited on my tripadvisor map. However, not every places have been blogged yet. Therefore, I created this Google map serving as a menu with links to all my travel posts on this blog.

Click on the placemarks on the map above, and you’ll find a list of links directing you to the relating blog post! Posts within the same country are grouped under the same color in contrast to the ones right across border.
City placemark: shows posts dedicated to the pinned city/town only.
Region placemark: includes post from the same region.


Have fun!



§ 4 Responses to Places I’ve Blogged

  • lidipiri says:

    Missing some pins (or at least one) in South America! Lots to see there as well.

    • Katharine says:

      haha I know. I have yet to explore the South America. Compare to visiting Europe, air fare is quite a lot to travel from Hong Kong (where I currently reside). I’m hoping when the Olympic comes, there will be tons of promo 😉 I want to see llama….

  • lidipiri says:

    Just came back from Hong Kong less than a week ago. Loved it. Didn’t know what I was expecting but was completely in awe by it.
    Will be blogging about it in about a week (when my blog catches up.)

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