Amalienborg is a small palace

March 13, 2012 § 1 Comment

One of the palaces at Amalienborg. I think it's looking to the one of South-east side. Copenhagen, Dec 28, 2011.

The Amalienborg is a very unique European palace, in terms of size and accessibility. Traveling around Europe, I thought all royal palaces would be grand and massive, covering a huge ground with gardens that gives the royalties more privacy. However, there they are, four small mansions standing elegantly right next to the streets and all other people’s home. I was quite surprised to get so close to a palace that was still in use by the crowns. I didn’t think that the royal family could live with such level of privacy. It almost feel like as if I was standing just outside the Queen’s living room.

The Amalienborg we have today was initially built to house 4 noble families, which is why they all identical on the outside. It was actually quite strange to stand in the middle of the octagonal courtyard, and which every way I looked, they all looked the same. One of them was turned to a museum and opened to the public. The exhibition was quite small, I only get to visit the first floor (Geese, their website is so confusing, I had no idea what I could see ther). First thing I saw, was a family tree showing the ancestry of the royal family. After that, it was a bunch of rooms in Victorian style piled up with things that were used by previous Kings and Queens. However most of the display didn’t look ancient, possibly form the last century.

One of the salon at the Amalienborg museum. Copenhagen Dec 28, 2011.

One of the library. Love the atmosphere here and the details on those old chairs. Amalienborg Museum, Copenhagen. Dec 28, 2011.


It was quite lovely to see a salon filled up with family pictures, paintings and letters. It felt very cozy and I can tell that they really love their family. I absolutely adored those old letters or cards on display. However, I think it could look better if they find a focus or a topic and clean off half the things away. Seriously, it looked like a clutter. Since there were a huge amount of things for those small rooms, they do have to place every display carefully, but I think it just look too unnatural.

After seeing the apartments, there were some bling-bling on display. Pearls, diamonds and gem stones. They were not as flamboyant as those of the Saxon Kings, but still pretty to look at. On the day of my visit, they were preparing a special exhibition on the Queen’s gala dresses. Quiet sad that I missed this fashion exhibition, but at least I get to see the hem of these gorgeous  A-Line dress.

Gorgeous silk fabric and embroidery! Amalienborg Museum, Copenhagen. Dec 28, 2011.

One detail I must applauded to museum’s curator. As they tried to imitate traditional candle light, they installed electric candles which have their bulbs on a spring, so the light bounce a bit. This is one cool detail I love so much. However I must say those at Vienna’s Schonbrunn are a lot more uncanny, as they dim and flicker intermittently. Anyhow, if you’ve never seen it before, here’s a video of these guys at Amalienborg.

Was the small museum worth to visit? I believe so as it does offer a coziness that I’ve not seen in other royal palaces. On top of that, isn’t it awesome to see the inside of one of these identical “mansions”?


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