Silver Lions at the Rosenborg

March 9, 2012 § 6 Comments

Gorgeous day out, looking at the Rosenborg Slot from the garden, Copenhagen. Dec 27, 2011.

It was kind of interesting that Copenhagen wasn’t a huge city, but they just kept on building castles there. Rosenborg, Christianborg and Amalienborg…How many castles do you need in the Indre By? Out of all three, I thought Rosenborg was the prettiest completed with a garden. It has a very linear structure with a Dutch renaissance flair. Right, the castle’s exterior, especially at the top, did remind me of the canal houses in Amsterdam.


After a nice buffet breakfast at the hotel, I walked along the Stroget (without getting lost this time) to the castle. It was a 30mins walk, a bit long, but quite nice to stroll around and saw a few stores started to open after the holiday season. When I arrived at Rosenborg’s Garden area, everything got even more calming and quiet. Fresh air, blue sky and green grass… as if I was in some countryside. Some locals were walking their dogs or running inside the garden. It was a lovely spot to have a nice view of the castle, as well as to check out some ducklings in the moat.

Ancient toilet with tiled wall.

I was no expert in different interior style, however Rosenborg did felt more… “historic” than the baroque period. This inside of the castle wasn’t huge, only 2 floors and a hall on the 3rd floor was open to the visitors. However it felt very cozy, I could imagine that it must be lovely to live here with a beautiful garden outside. Every room was richly decorated with paintings, old furnitures, chandeliers and antiquities. But the most impressive decoration of all must be the 3 silver lions at the hall. They belonged to Frederik III and was made in full scale of 130kg of embossed silver. These lions were inspired by the biblical story of the King Solomon whose throne was guarded by 12 golden lions. However, only 3 silver lions were finished before Frederik III’s death. What a sight it could have been if all 12 lions were made!

One of the salon at Rosenborg Slot with tapestry about the Alexander the Great. Copenhagen. Dec 27, 2011.

One of the silver lions. Rosenborg Slot, Copenhagen. Dec 27, 2011.

I love how the ceiling details is like an extension of the crystal chandelier. Rosenborg Slot, Copenhagen. Dec 27, 2011.

Amber chandelier. It must has a beautiful red glow when lit up. Rosenborg Slot, Copenhagen. Dec 27, 2011.

The most intriguing illustration inside the castle. It's some blac silhouettes. I wish there's a postcard version of them. Rosenborg Slot, Copenhagen. Dec 27, 2011.

Being part of the Danish Royal Collection, there were armed guards guarding the estate in a few entrances. I didn’t think I’ve ever seen any castle that was used mostly as a museum, to have such security system. Perhaps it was a tradition, or maybe they were there to guard the crown that was on display at the exhibition in the basement.

Armed guards by the entrance. Rosenborg Slot, Copenhagen. Dec 27, 2011.

I couldn't quite identify which side was the front. There was a ladder on the side which you can stand on top to see the top of the crown. Rosenborg Slot, Copenhagen. Dec 27, 2011.

More royal jewelry. I love how the natural shape of peral fit right in to become part of an animal. Rosenborg Slot, Copenhagen. Dec 27, 2011.


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§ 6 Responses to Silver Lions at the Rosenborg

  • Stevie D says:

    I travelled to Copenhagen some years ago and found it to be both historic and ‘happening’. I didn’t visit the castles then, but now I see what I missed. Don’t forget to say hello to the Mermaid.

    • Katharine says:

      Hi Stevie, some castles gave me the feeling that it’s just an empty building, but Rosenborg is one that with soul and characters. I did walk all the way up there to see the little mermaid right before I left town. It was SO windy up there tho 😉

  • I don’t know why but the photo of the castle looks romantic. haha! 😀

  • […] down the street with furry hats and guns. Everyday, new shift’s guards would march from the Rosenborg, cross the town and arrived at Amalienborg around noon. It seems that the marching pattern changes […]

  • Tim. Leif> Herbert says:

    Hello Kath, I was wondering if you could help me, my name is Mr. T.L.Herbert. My families coat of arms is the three silver lions on a dual coloured background. Blue on the left half and red on the right half. I wonder, does this coat of arms have a significant connection to the three silver lions guarding the rosenborg castle and its royals? There are many legends to the accordance with these lions and the family descendants.

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