Home of the Rockefellers

March 23, 2012 § 6 Comments

Kykuit, a Dutch phrase meaning the "lookout". Sleepy Hallow, New York. Aug 28, 2008.

One thing I love about living in Manhattan is how easy it is to get away from the city, and there are so many wonderful places along the Hudson River. The best of all, they are all easy to reach by train which makes them perfect for a day trip. On a fine summer morning, I took the train from the Grand Central Terminal and headed towards Tarrytown station. Within 40 mins, I was in a very different world.

Gotta love the view seen form the entrance, with two original Tiffany's lamps. Sleepy Hallow, NY. Aug 8, 2008.

A modest dinning room with a touch of oriental style inside the Kykuit. Sleepy Hallow, NY. Aug 8, 2008.

Lots of beautiful mansions were built in the area, and it wasn’t hard to figure out why. Luscious greenery and blue water, what more could I ask for? My destination was Kykuit, a Rockefeller estate which was the home to four generations of the prominent and wealthy Rockefeller family. They own a massive piece of land here, and built a lovely home here looking over the river. The interior decor of the mansion wasn’t flamboyant, it was rather modest and quite cozy. It did tells a lot about the character of its owner.

Photo courtesy: www.glennweiss.com

A gallery with lots of large size Picasso tapestry at the Kykuit.

After seeing the living apartments, the tour led me to an art gallery. The exhibition took me by surprise. The Rockefellers commissioned around 20 tapestry of Picasso reproduction. They were all approved by the painter himself, and woven by two French ladies. Seriously, I never knew there were Picasso tapestry. It was very interesting to see those familiar imageries appeared in a different medium.

When the tour was finished, I got to spend some time in the gorgeous garden. It was an amazing piece of landscaping art. Everything was planted carefully to frame a view. There were also lots of art pieces and sculptures placed around the garden. I’d never seen such harmony between sculptures and nature before. They brought out the best in each other.

Looking out from the Kykuit, one could see different shades of green and a slice of the Hudson River. The weather was perfect, sunny and breezy. I could stare at this for the whole day. Sleepy Hallow, NY. Aug 8, 2008.

What a sight this rose garden must be, when it's in the blooming season. Sleepy Hallow, NY. Aug 8, 2008.

Art and nature just looked so perfect with each other. I really love seeing sculptures outdoor than inside a museum. Sleepy Hallow, NY. Aug 8, 2008.

If you’re visiting the big apple, please do yourself a favor and spend a day or two outside of the big apple!


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