Why Ithaca?

March 25, 2012 § 6 Comments

You should see what it looks like in winter time when there's a high flow of water running down this cascading Buttermilk Falls in Ithaca, New York. Sep 5, 2008

I’ve been asked several times of why I visited Ithaca. As it isn’t your typical tourist destination, and this town has no train service nearby. Did I go to the college there, or visited someone? Actually I was on a trip to see the Niagara Falls. Instead of flying over from Manhattan or taking the 7 hours train, I went with a even slower route in order to spend a few days going through the Finger Lake Region. This area is known for wine making, so I thought it’d be perfect to visit some vineyards before seeing the Niagara Falls. From mid-town Manhattan, I boarded a Greyhound bus leaving for Ithaca, and I had no idea this was such a pretty little town.

After checking in at a hotel at the town’s centre, a local bus took me to the Buttermilk Falls State Park. Right at the entrance of the park, I was greeted by the Buttermilk Fall. Since it was summer time, water was low, so visitors could take a dip in the pond! There was a picnic area facing the waterfall, it was the perfect spot for me to have the turkey sandwich with brie cheese I prepared, before hiking around the gorge.

One of the gorge trail began right next to the Buttermilk Falls. Even thought there were lots of steps, they are all well maintained and most visitors took this path. Therefore, I considered it to be very safe for solo travelers, especially for beginners hiker. It was *so* nice to hike around this gorge, breathing in and out fresh air while admiring the pretty waterfall, rock formation and ponds! The water was so clear and appear in a lovely shade of turquoise. There were lots of visitors who just ran up and down, and jump off from the little cliff into every turquoise pond. I’m sure it’s a very popular activities among the college kids!

The colour was so pretty to look at, so clear and refreshing. Ithaca, NY. Sep 5, 2008.

Didn't have a picture, but at the top of these steps was the place where most kids jump off from. Sadly, I didn't bring swimsuit. Ithaca, NY. Sep 5, 2008.

I see layers! Ithaca, New York. Sep 5, 2008.

I only had time to see a small section of this state park. I’d love nothing more than paying another visit to Ithaca, and explore more of this town and its gorge. This place is so easy to reach by public transportation, I highly recommend it to anyone who’s traveling without a car!

After hiking for 2 hours, I rewarded myself by soaking my sweaty feet in those crystal clear water.I brought some towel from the hotel with me 🙂 Ithaca, NY. Sep 5, 2008.


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