Oh deeeeeeeeers

June 5, 2013 § 6 Comments


Lots of deers at Nara Park, Japan. April 2013.

During my recent visit to Kyoto, I made two day trips out of the city. One is the tea capital Uji and the other one is the awesome Nara. There isn’t a lot of interesting sight in Nara for me, as I’m already overdosed on temples and shrines. However, the free roaming deers definitely caught my attention. Come on, where else you can see tons of deers chilling out in a park under cherry blossom?

Before you get to the park, you can already see signs and lamp post with cartoon images of deers, telling you what’s coming up soon. Then once you stepped inside the park, you’ll see one deer, and then two , and three…. and lots of them! It’s amazing that they don’t really bug the lady who sells deer crackers, they only pursue the visitors. It seems like they have a deal with each other. There is no way I would pass up the opportunity to feed them. Once I have the crackers in my hand, the hungry deers just gathered around me, lick my arms and head bumped my butt. They are persuasive indeed, and wouldn’t let me go until crackers are gone… then they target the next visitor.


Deer howling next to the cracker? Nara, Japan. April 2013


Head bumped! Nara, Japan. April 2013.


This naughty one ate my map…… Nara, Japan. April 2013.

Besides the deer, what Nara park offers is tranquility. Peace and fresh air is something I missed during my short stay in Kyoto. After a few consecutive days of sight-seeing, it was so nice to find a cherry blossom tree and take a little nap under it. The weather was simply perfect. This nap was the highlight of my trip. (and yes, I skipped going inside all those temples inside the park).


It was a perfect afternoon nap. I still remember the sunshine of that day and the vibrant color around me. It was gorgeous at Nara Park, Japan. April 2013


I opened my eyes, and this was right above my head. How beautiful.

I opened my eyes, and this was right above my head. How beautiful! It was a sight I’ll never forget. Nara, Japan. April 2013.



At some quiet corner in the park, I found this sight that looks straight out from a fairytale. The deer eating grass among sakura petals, with lovely sunshine between the trees. It’s a moment that you just have to stood still and admire the beauty surround you. Nara, Japan. April 2013.


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