Colourful Taiwanese temple with dandelion juice

July 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

Entrance plate of Mengjia Longsha Temple in Taipei, Taiwan. Jun 6, 2011.

Before leaving Taipei, I had a few hours to do some last minute sight seeing. Mengjia Longsha Temple was he perfect choice for me, as it was easy to get to by metro, and I was curious to see how different this Chinese temple was, compare to those I saw everyday back home.

What people do inside the temple was basically the same, we pray and burn inscence, so that didn’t surprise me. However I really loved the architectural elements in it as this temple gave off a historic vibe. Originally built in 1738, it went through wars, earthquakes, storms and of course reconstructions. With all those damages, they kept all those intricate details in the decor. It is a temple with lots of color, but there’s a sense of balance and harmony in it.

Entrance to the old temple. Taipei, Taiwan. Jun 6, 2011.

Inner court of the temple. Taipei, Taiwan. Jun 6, 2011.

I loved looking up and see the detailed painting of the ceiling. Taipei, Taiwan. Jun 6, 2011.

The details are so intricate and elaborate, quite different from the temples that are newly built in my home town. Taipei, Taiwan. Jun 6, 2011.

I don’t think I’ve seen any stone pillar in a Chinese temple with this much crafts work before. Taipei, Taiwan. Jun 6, 2011.

After seeing the temple, I wandered around the neighborhood and stumbled upon a small herbal market unexpectedly. The air was filled with different lovely scent of fresh herbs, every store front has their own earthy scent. I walked passed a little cart selling drinks, and I saw they were selling “dandelion juice”. They said it’s like a health elixir, very good for your body. I got very curious as I had never heard anything like this before. So I bought a cup and it was the most disgusting thing I ever drank. It was like blending a bunch of grass from your backyard. It did taste like nature, but very bitter.

I wish I can recognize all those herbs. It smelled so good there. Taipei, Taiwan. Jun 6, 2011.

Thick and bitter. I dare you to drink a cup of dandelion juice. Taipei, Taiwan. Jun 6, 2011.

This little cup of hell was more expensive than 2 beer, so I forbid myself to throw it into trash. So I swallow it down fast and strange thing happened 10 minutes later. As if the nature’s bitter juice was really working and getting rid of toxin from my body. I definitely felt a chill down my spine. I guessed this dandelion juice worked like some Chinese herbal tea. So I went back and bought a bottle of it as a souvenir for my mother.


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