I love the food in Copenhagen

March 10, 2012 § 8 Comments

Just love how they put the zucchini on top like a sculpture. Nyhavn, Copenhagen. Dec 26, 2011.

The above picture is exactly the reason I put Copenhagen into my trip: Food. You just gotta love the Danish chefs who care and realized the traditional Danish cuisine needed a face lift. The result is eating fresh and delicious food. When I was researching online, I saw lots of smorrebrod with shrimps, fish roe, salmon and zucchini. I pretty much glued my face to my screen, drooling. So I thought, Copenhagen was an expensive city, let me put it as my last destination, and spend whatever I got left in my wallet and spend it on food, guilt free.

Best shrimp ever.

As I arrived on the day after Christmas, the town was still sleepy without much restaurants opened. Everyone walked up and down the Stroget, and lots of us headed to the same direction, the Nyhavn. It was a short stretch of canal with boats docking around, and lots of bars and restaurants on the side. Not sure if it’s a tourist trap or not, but I didn’t have much choices. So I walked into one with more people sitting inside. The service was a tad slow, as the owner was doing everything out front when most of her staff was taking the day off. She was very friendly with a lovely smile on her face. Then the food came. The smoked salmon was so good and I’ve never tasted any shrimps as sweet as these little guys. Pleasant surprise.

Shrimps and Salmon were piled up in more down-to-earth fashion at Cafe Petersborg, Copenhagen. Dec 28, 2011.

A pretty salt grinder at Fiskebar.

Still I couldn’t afford a dinner at Noma, so I settle for Fiskebar. It’s located in the meat packing district. I walked over there from Tivoli, the journey was a little scary. I had to walk through the hotel district which is also known to be the sex worker district. Also, the streets around were dark and quiet. I could only put a cross mark on my not-so-precise map, and cross my fingers that I could find it. The trip was worth it. I get to slurp down the biggest oysters I’ve encountered in my life, and the fish was cooked deliciously with great texture. Portion was on the small side for the price, but the food was so good that I didn’t mind.

Love the fire in front of Fiskebar. Copenhagen, Dec 27, 2011.

Giant Danish oysters on the left, Irish oysters on the right. Since that day, I dream of Danish oysters every day. So meaty and sweet. Fiskebar, Copenhagen. Dec 27, 2011.

Nicely seasoned Plaice. I love what they do with the sides. It's artichoke with something fried. Fiskebar, Copenhagen. Dec 27, 2011.

Side note, they have a jelly fish tank, and they play the sound of dripping water in the bathroom. Pretty interesting details. Oh, and try to get a reservation too, or expect to eat at the bar.


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§ 8 Responses to I love the food in Copenhagen

  • Copenhagen is a lovely city – nice and small scale. You’re right though about everything being expensive – worth it though when it’s that good.

  • The seafood looks absolutely delicious! I would love to go there and try it!

  • airamdatoon says:

    I would love to visit Danmark one day! My dad currently lives in Herning but I haven’t had the time and sufficient funds to hop and skip over there! I was creepily reading one of your replies and you said something in the water.. have you heard of Brooke Fraser? She has a song called something in the water 😛 Maybe a lil music sharing too 😀

    • Katharine says:

      Just listened to it for the first time. That’s a cute song!
      Thanks for sharing 🙂

      If you ever get to travel to Herning, you should be blessed with lots of amazing seafood. (altho, still on the expensive side I’m sure), as Herning is pretty close to a place called Limfjord, and there’s where the sweeeeeeeeeet danish shrimps and oysters comes from. Oh geese, I can’t forget how sweet those little guys were.

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