I found some yellow houses

March 6, 2012 § 6 Comments

This is pretty much how I used to draw a house as a kid.. Nyboder, Copenhagen. Dec 26, 2011.

As I was wandering around Copenhagen mindlessly, I was dead sure that I was walking towards the Norreport neighborhood. The I saw something rather curious: rows and rows uniformed yellow houses that covered a few blocks in an infinite repetitions. There were so many of them.The paints on the exterior was not a common shade of yellow, and it looked a bit worn out, so I guess they weren’t built in recent years. Judging by the inefficient use of space (lots of space in between each building), the houses must be built when the town wasn’t too crowded. However they didn’t have the details of the baroque or victorian style, and they certainly didn’t look medieval. I walked in between these yellow building while guessing about what they were.

Once I got back to my hotel and got online, I searched around, and turned out I was quite far off from where I thought I was. I was actually very close to the Kastellet, in a place called Nyboder. The name is translated as “New (small) Houses”. It is a historic row house district first built by the King Christian IV in the 17th century for the navy and their families. The king wanted to centralize the Danish fleet and kept them in Copenhagen. So they needed the men to settle down with their family near by the navy. Soon after they were built, demand kept growing. Initially, they simply broken down the small apartments into even smaller apartments (right… awesome). Fortunately, they then started to build 2-story houses to accommodate more families.

There were so many of them in this strange hue of yellow. Nyboder, Copenhagen. Dec 26, 2011.

Cute little details on top of an entrance. Nyboder, Copenhagen. Dec 26, 2011.

They all look the same in Nyboder, Copenhagen. Dec 26, 2011.

Is that a little chair or a little table on the door? Nyboder, Copenhagen. Dec 26, 2011.

I read somewhere that some of the streets were name after animals, such as a tiger and a hare. Currently, you don’t have to be enlisted in the army to apply for a spot there. They are quite dark and small inside (I peeked in a few houses), however they are centrally located with characters and a slice of history. I’m glad that I got so lost and stumbled into these mysterious yellow houses.


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