Crossing the Baltic

March 4, 2012 § 1 Comment

Looking out the window as the bus pulled away the terminal. ZOB Berlin. Dec 25, 2011.

To save money on transportation and a night of hotel stay, I traveled from Berlin to Denmark on an overnight bus on the evening of Christmas Day. I made my way to the ZOB bus terminal after the museum hopping and a light dinner. The bus terminal was a bit far out, but easy to get to. I guess it could be a lot busier, but when I got there on Christmas, there was only a few travelers. Some waiting for the bus traveling south to Eastern European cities, some were waiting with us to get up north.

I noticed a young man with a big tennis bag, pacing around restlessly. It seems like a lot was on his mind. Then it was time to board the bus to Denmark. I got on the bus with everyone else, but the young man simply dropped his bag on the ground near by the bus. He then talked to the driver, looked at the watch, and stood there. I guess he was waiting for someone. Finally, the driver took his seat, closed the door, and started the engine. However, the young man didn’t get on. As the bus was pulling away from the station, I saw he took a deep breathe of the cold air, picked up his bag and walked away.

I couldn’t stop thinking about what I saw, and filled my head with a story. This is what I thought: The young man was in love with a girl, who was already in a relationship with someone else. He asked her to leave everything behind and go to Denmark with him. If she chose this young man, she would meet him at the bus station. That’s why he was pacing around, feeling nervous about the girl’s decision: Would she come? However, she didn’t show up. The young man lost this one, and there was no reason for him to go to Denmark alone. What a heart breaking story about a guy being dumped…

Now, let me talk about the trip. The bus was only half full, so everyone got to occupy two seats. It made the 7 hours journey considered rather comfy for a bus ride. The most awesome thing was they got wifi on the bus when we were within the German border. Approximately 3 hours into it, the bus drove onto a boat, and we were asked to get off the bus for 40mins. We were crossing the Baltic Sea from Rostock (I believe). A bus rideon a boat? The thought of it was awesome. I walked out to the deck, but it was way too dark to see anything. Looking out to the sea was a scary sight, imagine you opened your eyes, but it was pitch black that you couldn’t see anything in front of you? Anyway, soon I remember that I don’t travel well over the sea… Thank god the boat ride wasn’t too long, and I had an empty stomach, so the sea sick didn’t get too bad.

After we cross the Baltic, the bus drove on for another two and a half hours. Then I reached my final stop of my trip: Copenhagen.

This was taken at the train station actually. Copenhagen, Denmark! Dec 26, 2011.


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