Museum hopping in Berlin

March 2, 2012 § 5 Comments

Pergamon wasn't flooded with tourists on Christmas. Berlin. Dec 25, 2011.

On the day of Christmas, there was one topic particularly popular in the breakfast room: “Oh, it’s Christmas, everything is closed. What can I do? …and what are you going to do?” Then you would hear: “I’m going to visit the Museum Island. I heard it is open today.” So right, if you’re “stuck” in Berlin for Christmas with no friends to visit, it seems that museum hopping would be one of the very few choices, and that’s exactly what I did. Surprisingly, the museum wasn’t flooded with tourists.

I think it is a very interesting city development to have lots of museums packed on a single island in the middle of the city, how convenient is that. On my way to the Pergamon, there was a playing some calming tune with wine glasses. Then I saw the queue outside the ticket office… I then walked back to an outdoor ticket booth I passed by, and bought my museum island pass there, which allowed me to skip the queue to buy ticket at the Pergamon’s ticket office. So, my advice is, buy the pass if you see those outdoor official ticket booth.

I am way too familiar with the massive size of the Louvre of Paris and the Metropolitan of New York. Therefore, every individual museum in Berlin just seems a bit petit. There were always a few highlights of a museum, and the rest just didn’t intrigue me as much as Louvre or Met. But, I do enjoy my visit to the museum island….. except the part to look for the cloakroom. Apparently, the German seem to enjoy minimalistic direction a bit too much. There were not a lot of signs, and the graphic was a tad confusing. I walked into one museum, and the guard quickly point me to one way, I had to walk through some exhibitions, then down the stairs to the basement, and made a few more turns before getting my coat hanged. Seriously, cloakroom and lockers should be right around the entrance.

Imagine being the one who put all these little pieces together? It looks like some computer chips to me. Berlin. Dec 25, 2011.

I love this deep blue, looks like water fountain on bamboo shoots. Berlin. Dec 25, 2011.

Divine creature on the Ishtar Gate. It has the the body of a snake, tail of a lion and something else...Berlin. Dec 25, 2011..

These two looked hilarious. Berlin. Dec 25, 2011.

I remember, from my art history class, something's special about the blue flowers. Berlin. Dec 25, 2011.

This one is special for me. We discussed a lot about this particular piece in our art history class. Can't believe I finally get to see it. Berlin. Dec 25, 2011.

Something so pretty about this colorful arrangement. Together, they almost look like some modern art piece. Berlin. Dec 25, 2011.

Not sure why, but I'm not particularly into Islamic art. Think I need to learn more about it in order to appreciate it. Berlin. Dec 25, 2011.

A significant piece of display with gorgeous craftsmanship and details. Berlin. Dec 25, 2011.

A ceremonial hat in gold. Apparently, it can functions as a calendar. But after reading half of the exhibition's description, I still had no clue on how it works. Berlin. Dec 25, 2011.



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