Through a Painter’s View

February 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

View of Dresden through a metal frame: from the Left Shore of the Elbe River, up from the Bridgehead of the Historical City Centre. Dec 20, 2011.

On a bright sunny morning, I walked along the park right by the river Elbe. Suddenly I saw this curious metal frame at one corner, with a picture of an old painting and description on the side. However everyone would understand what was this about without reading anything: The metal frame was framing the exact same thing as in the picture! It was like looking to the world through the art of a painter. The viewer could also see how much Dresden has changed since 1748, so much fun even if you don’t know anything about art.

The painter’s name was Bernardo Bellotto, a Venetian who first moved to Dresden in 1747 with an invitation from the King August III of Poland. Bellotto was known for painting views of a city with detailed representation of the buildings and natural surrounding elements. All of his work done in Dresden was one way for us to have a glimpse of Dresden’s former beauty, before being ruthlessly destroyed.

Image of the Bellotto painting.

This was in front of my eyes.

Apparently, the description also told visitor that they could admire the actual painting at the Zwinger. It was on display when I visited 🙂 Great way to promote the city through art, while promoting art in the city! I wonder if other Bellotto’s paintings got the same treatment as well. How awesome would this be if it was a project through the entire city!


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