When Dresden lit up

February 5, 2012 § 4 Comments

The old town of Dresden lit up like tese pretty lamp in the dark at Christmas market. Dresden. Dec 19, 2011.

Dresden’s old town wasn’t huge, so it was very easy to walk everywhere. After we picked up our jaws from the floor of the Historic Green Vault, we decided to walk around and see this city lit up in the dark. It was beautiful to walk among this “old looking” buildings during the day, however this city is enchanting at night. In my opinion, it was a more pleasant walk then walking through dark alley ways in Venice at night.

of Dresden. Dec 19, 2011″]

A sweeping view of the old town (Altstadt) of Dresden. Dec 19, 2011.

3 beautiful old buildings in a single frame. Hofkirche on the foreground, Stadtschloss on the left and something else in the far back. Dresden. Dec 19, 2011.

One of the thing I love about Dresden was that all those “old looking” buildings were located pretty close to each other. It was a little over whelming for people who love old architectures. So at night, most of them were lit up. You know sometimes when they put spot lights on an old building, it still looks kind of dull because the exterior of it were just covered by layers of old dirty? However as most of the buildings were reconstructed after the bombing, all the buildings were relatively new, and appears more white and bright. This definitely helped Dresden to shine at night.

I walked over the bridge, Augustusbrucke, towards the new town. Mainly because I saw a Ferris Wheel and thought maybe there was a Christmas markets over there. But turned out there wasn’t. So I turned around and then I saw it: The Procession of Princes [Furstenzug]. Under the lights, the 102 meters mural appears in the shade of pale gold. Commissioned in 1889 for the 800th anniversary of the ruling House of Wettin. It was a fresco depicting 35 Saxon margraves, electors, dukes and kings. However the city realized a fresco wasn’t really great for outdoor display, so they replaced it with porcelain tiles 28 years later. You can see everyone’s name inscribed below their image. I just love looking at everyone’s different posture and costume. Thank goodness not much were destroyed during the war.

The Procession of Princes was a lovely sight at night. Dresden. Dec 19, 2011.

Close up details of the costume and movement of this Saxon king. Oh I love those furry tail with black tips on him. Dec 19, 2011.


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