Food in Beijing

February 1, 2012 § 14 Comments

Here is a collection of food that I tasted in Beijing.

Ice cold aloe vera with orange sauce, which is so amazing after you ate some spicy food.

A chef preparing the Peking duck, one of my favorite!

Bunch of veggie with seafood soup.

Peking duck with the sides.

Fish basically cooked in oil. I must say this wasn't my cup of tea.

Chinese pastry! Absolutely the cutest.

Preserved egg fried in pepper and salt.

Sha Jiang Mien.

pancake thing with eggs and lettuce.

Me before devouring all those delicious spicy food!

The End


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§ 14 Responses to Food in Beijing

  • Rev. Josh says:

    I might just have to ask for a “pancake thing with eggs and lettuce” when I make it to Beijing. Thanks for dropping by, too!

    • Katharine says:

      Hi Josh, alternatively, you can also ask for “Ji Dan Guan Bing (鸡蛋灌饼)” in Chinese . Please feel free to ask me for more recommendation if you’re on your way to Beijing!

  • jubbiz says:

    Those pastries are amazing! The Peking Duck looks different to the type I’m used to in the UK though – I expected it to be crispy and shredded. And what are the whitish blocks?

    • Katharine says:

      Oh if you have the chance, I’d love to see how different is Peking duck look in UK! 🙂 Those I had wer quite crispy too (not like deep fried crispy). But I have yet to see a shredded peking duck! The white blocks are the bun.

      Most places only offer some very think pancake to wrap the duck together with the sauce and side dishes, you can see those thin pancake in the ceramic jar closest to the red shirt guy. However this place also offer some bread-like bun as an alternative 🙂

  • raychenon says:

    Where did you have your peking duck ?
    I tried Quanjude 全聚德 duck . My Beijing colleagues favorite’s dish is gōng bǎo jī dīng (宫保鸡丁) spicy chicken. Mine is sweet egg tomatoes

    • Katharine says:

      I had it in two places.The second picture was from 便宜坊,while the third picture was from 花家怡院。Both had a very different flavor! The first one has a stronger taste, later one has a modern/refine taste with different sauces available 🙂

      my favorite in Beijing… would probably be….anything on the table in the last picture. It’s from a place called “Spice Spirit”. try it next time if you’re in Beijing and if you like spicy food 🙂

  • What an ingenious thing, to have aloe vera as a palate cooler after spicy food! I’d never have thought of it, but since it’s been used forever as a palliative for skin burns, why not a burning mouth!

  • Why don’t they serve that delicious looking/sounding food here in the U.S.? I don’t think I have ever really had an authentic Chinese meal ! All of your photos are beautiful and the food looks very healthy ,

    • Katharine says:

      one of the interesting thing I found in the U.S. was that I met quite a lot of people who love “chicken and brocoli” or “general tso’s chicken”, and I’ve never seen food in Hong Kong prepared in the same way 😉

      There are definitely a lot more variety and different cooking methods then the usual American-Chinese food. This is one thing I’m happy about living in Hong Kong.

      However, Chinese food isn’t exactly healthy hehe. Our food tend to be a bit on the greasy side 🙂 Cheers

  • Juliana says:

    Hi Katharine, it would be great if I found your blog before you go to Beijing. I lived there for 8 years so I think I can give you some genuine advise:) Just in case you plan to go again or for your blog followers who want to visit Beijing, remember to go to Da Dong Restaurant (大董)for Beijing duck. It’s sooooo good:p Oh, I miss it soooo much! Also, in case you are going to visit the great wall, go to the Mutianyu part where it is not as crowed as Badaling and also, after coming back down from the wall, when you reach the stalls closed to the parking lot, there are some stalls selling the egg pancake which is called (馃子瓶), it’s basically egg pancake wrapped with deep fried spring roll skin, with some special sauce(spicy or not) and some spring onions…hum…yummy…for only 15 rmb:D This is a common breakfast for Beijingers 🙂 Also, visit a western restaurant called The School House in the Mutianyu area where you can dine under the Great Wall. Or if you are opt for a more memorable experience, stay overnight in one of the guest houses around The School House(owned by them), which are transformed from the old Chinese 四合院,nicely decorated, especially fun if go with a bunch of friends, playing games at night in this spacious guest house with the old style fireplace warming up the house, have breakfast at school house watching the spectacular Great Wall, and then go conquer the wall by hiking to the top, if you are physically fitted:p Hum…those were the days…!

    Anyway, love your blog, just love it:)


    • Katharine says:

      Thank you so much for the message. Yes, I wished I was given those advise before heading to Beijing. However, I’m sure I’ll be back as I do really like the city! and I absolutely loooooove the duck. I haven’t tried the egg pancake with onions, but I might had something similiar but with sausage. I got it right behind Sanlitun in the morning. Thanks 🙂

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