Delicious and Hot: Choco Cafe

January 31, 2012 § 7 Comments

Something's sweet in the air at Choco Cafe, Prague. Dec 18, 2011

I can’t remember where I read about this little cafe in Prague, but it only took a few second, and I was determined that I *must* pay a visit. Choco Cafe, I doubt there’s any other names that can be more fitting. Located on a street called Liliova (which sounds pretty cute by the way), I arrived on a sunny Sunday morning after strolling around a market nearby. My hands were freezing and I couldn’t wait to get in and have a taste of their finest creation: Hot Chocolate.

Once I walked in, I loved this place right away for its coziness with the charm of a dainty antique store. I immediately noticed a few old kitchen utensils displayed on some shelves. There were comfy couches around the place upholstered in different patterns and chairs in different styles. I don’t know if this makes any sense, but the mix of unmatched style gave off a “personal” vibe: as if they were all collected by someone piece by piece from different points in his life.

Soaked up the coziness, it felt very homey to me. Choco Cafe, Prague. Dec 18, 2011.

Old postcards on the wall. Quite a lot of them had German written on. Choco Cafe, Prague. Dec 18, 2011.

The theme of “collection” and “memory” continued throughout the wall, with lots of framed old postcards. Being a postcard lover myself, I’m in love with such decoration! None of them were photographs taken from a tourist spot, they were all in those old hand painted style. I wonder if they were actually postcards that the cafe owner’s family received decades ago.

They have lots of options on the menu. I ordered a chocolate with pieces of fresh strawberry and bananas at the bottom. It was deviliciously thick with intense flavor of chocolate. With the whipped cream of top, I could die right there! This place was perfect to read a book, catch up with friends, people watching, or brag about it to your friends by twitting it live surf around the internet mindlessly with their free wi-fi.

If you’re not satisfied with just a single shot of those evil hot chocolate. You can order some cake and other light snack they offer. Of course, you can also purchase some chocolate and take it home with you! Although, I must point out that I only found chocolate bars imported from foreign countries such as Italy and Colombia. I wish they only offer more chocolate that were produced within the Czech Republic.

A little heaven inside this little cup. Choco Cafe, Prague. Dec 18, 2011.

Lots of interesting flavor can be purchased here! Choco Cafe, Prague. Dec 18, 2011.

The entrance of my heaven: Choco Cafe, Prague. Dec 18, 2011.

Choco Cafe
Liliová 4/250, Praha 1


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