John Lennon Wall of Prague

January 26, 2012 § 4 Comments

The John Lennon Wall off the main street in Mala Strana in Prague. Dec 16, 2011

I was starving by the time I finished the long tour at the Prague Castle, and it was very late for lunch. However, I still didn’t want to just dine inside one of those places right below the castle, as I felt they were catering to tourists. I walked down the main street until I spotted the name of an Italian restaurant that was recommended by fellow travelers online. After some soup and lovely pasta, I took the city map out to see how to get back to the Old Town Square. Then I saw a place, not far from where I was, marked as the “John Lennon Wall”. So I decided to have a little detour to check this out.

The map wasn’t very detailed, as it was missing some alley ways and not clear around the residential area. So I found myself in the dead ends or private area a few times. However, it was quite nice to stroll around this neighborhood, as there were quite a few cafes and restaurants around that looked very nice. I’d love to try them out if I wasn’t already full. Then I saw a few small churches, and an English American Institution. At the corner window of the institution, they displayed a record of John Lennon. For me, that was the sign that I was on the right track.

Just imagine... and the song kept playing in my head. John Lennon Wall, Prague. Dec 16, 2011.

I was right, once I turned at the corner, I could see a bunch of people taking pictures at a wall. It was full of graffiti. Of course, one would find lots of things written on there were about love and peace. Since the 80s, this wall has been filled with Mr Lennon’s lyrics, idea and related graphics. It was also a place for the young generation to express their resentment against the communist regime of the time. The communist had tried to cover them up, but new graffiti would go back on the next day. Love, peace and freedom always won.

"All you need is love". John Lennon Wall, Prague. Dec 16, 2011.

Love is the theme across the wall. John Lennon Wall, Prague. Dec 16. 2011

I wasn’t sure if I had ever come across a wall of graffiti that such a meaningful message behind, and it was created with the effort of so many generation’s dream, hope and believe. I’m grateful to have seen this, and read some encouraging message from the wall. The sky was getting dark by now. It was calming to see this colourful stretch of wall, standing quietly under the dimmed yellow light from the lamp posts, while guarding everyone’s hopeful messages since decades ago.

There's a little jar of paint on the floor for everyone. I painted my first graffiti in my life, and left a little message on the wall too! I wondered if it has been covered yet. John Lennon Wall, Prague. Dec 16, 2011.


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