The enchanting world of Mucha

January 22, 2012 § 7 Comments

Lots of beautiful original prints of Mucha's posters lining up on the wall of Mucha Museum, Prague. Dec 16, 2011.

I don’t even know how to express the joy of seeing a Mucha lithograph up close. After I got off the train from Vienna, I checked in and grabbed a bite for lunch. Then I ran over to the Mucha Museum which was not far from my stay. This museum wasn’t huge, but it houses a great collection of Alphonse Mucha, a Czech Art Nouveau painter and decorative artist from around the turn of the century.

This place had the most primitive admission I’ve ever encountered: at the entrance of the exhibition, there was the ticket counter. After you paid, they gave you a hand written receipt as admission ticket. Basically a piece of white paper (in very crappy quality) with a stamp on top. I always keep museum’s tickets, as they were always printed with art work on the back. Great…… this is *so* worth collecting.

A poster created for a theatre production. I wish we still make some of the movie posters like this. Mucha Museum, Prague. Dec 16, 2011.

I have always admire Mucha’s imagination and distinctive fairytale-esque drawing style. Every stroke, every gesture, ever drape… all were illustrated with intense grace and elegance. It was a insanely beautiful world he created there. I could look at the curve, the details and the movement in his posters for hours. Everyone in his work all seems to be from out of this world. I was like a shoe lover inside a Christian Louboutin’s boutique.

I believe this set of lithograph depicts 4 different types of flowers. SO BEAUTIFUL. Mucha Museum, Prague. Dec 16, 2011.

Some pencil study from Mucha. Every details was drawn carefully. Mucha Museum, Prague. Dec 16, 2011.

Besides having the posters on display, this museum also play a very informative video about the life and work of Mr. Mucha. It was interesting to learn about this man’s life (very different from most of the poor painters), and to see him in action. If you ever found yourself in Prague, and remotely interested in art deco, please make sure you pay a visit to this special little museum. The heavenly world of art from Mucha, was the highlight of my visit in Prague.


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