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An old man in front of a bus full of graffiti in Basel, Switzerland. May 17, 2010.

After a long discussion, we opted for a stop over at Basel instead of an overnight sleeper train from Milano to Paris. So that we don’t have to be in the train for 10 hours, and we get to visit one more country. There were a couple of city we could pick as a stop over between Milano and Paris. We decided to head over to Basel (as i’ve never been there), and that we could visit either Zurich or Luzern.

The tourist information is nearby this train intersection.

Basel isn’t a big busy town, but there are enough stuff to see in a short visit. There aren’t any world class musem or ancient monument to check out. So it makes you to wind down and walk around a swiss town in slow pace. We weren’t there for shopping, but there was a nice antique jewellery store. Food was alright, but a tad expensive.

We stopped by a tourist information office, and we just followed a suggested walk from the brochure. It took us up to the church with a colourful roof. This was a really nice contrast to what we had been seeing in Italy. Behind the church, it was a nice view over the river. After that, we just stroll along the street. Stopping by some chocolate stores, bakery and pick up some grocery for dinner. Didn’t do much this day, but a nice walk.

the church, which was under construction.

a ship passing by along the Rhine.

love these little stands where we picked up some olives.

Kudo to the guy who did this.

Previous stop: Milano
Next stop: Luzern


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