Chateau de Chambord

August 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

Looks just like from a fairy tale at Chateau de Chambord. May 21, 2010.

After running around Italy and France for a few weeks, I was pretty numbed about visiting Chateau. However, Chateau de Chambord still caught my eyes. In fact, this architecture’s exterior is the most beautiful of all I’ve visited. The details on the roof is simply stunning, it’s definitely a work of art.

Situated away from the town center, the chateau is quitely surrounded by huge lawns and trees. It started out as a smaller royal hunting lodge, so I believe there’s still tons of outdoor activities you can do in or around this property. They have bicycle rentals, and I saw people canoing along the canal. I’d love to just spend a whole day there.

The details I love about this place.

Looking out from the roof. A straight road that vanish at the horizon.

From far, this chateau looks like just another big renaissance building. But once I got a closer look, the roof just looks so dazzling. The somewhat remote location gives you a feel of what the royals were looking for here. This is something I didn’t find from Amboise or Chenonceau. It really feels like you’re away from the entire world…. and you really can get lost inside this chateau as there are so many rooms there.

The *heart* of the Chateau.

The double spiral in the heart of the structure was really fun. It would be so awesome if that was natural sky light at the center. Other than that, there are actually not a lot fot see inside. The majority of the rooms there feels like an empty room, waiting for the king’s next visit when they’ll move in all the furnitures. But there’re still quite a lot of painitngs and stuff to see around. The building is simply huge that they got some art installation on one of the floors.

One advice: Take a sweater with you even if it is sweating hot outside. It was freezing cold inside those thick stone walls, and the cold was also the reason why the royals weren’t frequently visiting this beautiful place.

Love this stove! Wish I had one of this at home.

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