Anfiteatro, Capua

July 15, 2010 § 3 Comments

Entrance of the Amphitheater of Capua. May 7, 2010.

While we were on the train, leaving Roma for Napoli, my sister read from the travel guide that Capua is quite accessable from Napoli. She is a fan of the TV show “Spartacus: Blood and Sand”. Therefore, we decided to head over there after getting off at Napoli’s train stating and visiting the National Archaeological Museum.

We weren’t sure where exactly it was, so we decided to simply get off the train at Capua. (Now that I think of it, it was a brave act of not knowing where exactly the place is located, and thought we could rely on asking the local who barely speak English) Outside the station, it’s a residential town……and we knew something was not right. We talked to the staff at the station with a few Italian phrases I learned from the internet and hand gesture. We then got the direction to walk into the town where we got lost again.

There were some ancient looking structures in this town, I think if we had more time it would be nice to walk around. It’s the kind of place where you can experience that old, quiet, slow southern Italian town’s atmosphere. We decided to walk into a grocery store, and found a man, I think might be the manager, who understood English. We explained for quite awhile before he realized we wanted to visit the Anfiteatro, as we only knew the English term “Amphitheater”. He was absolutly super helpful and friendly. He told us where to take the bus to go to the Anfiteatro of Capua, as it was quite far from there. He even wrote on paper in Italian of where we wanted to go, so we could just show it to the bus driver 🙂

walking in the middle of the anfiteatro

We finally arrived this anfiteatro. After seeing the colosseo in Roma, it was a bit hard to believe this used to be the biggest one before they built in Roma. This one was in a much smaller scale, but the good thing of visiting this site is that you are allowed to go down and walk inside those underground tunnels. There weren’t any clear sign of the stairs going down, we simply found a stair that wasn’t locked. It was slightly narrow, but almost pitch dark at the corner. It was a very interesting experience, to walk around the tunnels. It was also lovely to have a comparison with Roma. and the best thing? NO TOURISTS. (Probably also because we went there pretty late in the day).

underground tunnels and chambers

More on encountering the friendly southern Italian:
There were some local kids hanging out near the entrance. I guess as there weren’t many Asian tourists visit this place, they were curious about us and tried to talk to us. Which is funny, as the only English phrase they mastered was “Do you speak English?”. When I asked if they know where was the train station, they all spoke at the same time. Everyone wanted to be the one among the group who can speak English better and help these Asian tourist. Then everyone try to correct each other’s English. There were lots of laughter and fun 🙂

We got the general direction from them, but when we walked to somewhere we weren’t too certain, we asked a fastfood owner. Apparently it was much easier to get back to Napoli from there with a bus, which we could just catch right on that road.

Previous stop: National Archaeological Museum of Napoli
Next stop: Pompei


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§ 3 Responses to Anfiteatro, Capua

  • rommel says:

    Ciao Kath! Bella Italia. Stato di Gricignano per due anni, e vicino di Capua.

    Just kidding, you commented on my Armsterdam entry a while back. I love Italy, I wish I can go back and experience it again.

    And uhm WOW! you’re a globethrotter.

  • Katharine says:

    haha, thanks for the message.
    at first, I thought it was some italian spam haha.

    I should have updated this blog more often :p
    and yup, i love traveling and I feel like i’m not traveling enough!

  • rommel says:

    Me too! Haha! Had a fair share of being all over the place but I always like I still didn’t put enough time for travel. Oh we are travel savages. Although, when I was in Italy, I really didn’t feel like I explored enough. Unlike you I didn’t get to go to Cinque Terre :(.

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