Oysters at Cancale

July 10, 2010 § 1 Comment

Eating oysters by the sea at Cancale. May 23, 2010.

At first, Cancale wasn’t on my list of places to visit. I was planning to visit Dinan and St Malo. However, while I was doing my research on where to eat and what food shouldn’t be missed, Cancale came up and it wasn’t that far from St Malo. Then I realized it’s the town known for oysters. I’m not a big fan of oysters, however those who traveled with me are. Honestly it’s not easy to find good and clean oysters at a decent price in where I live, so I figured we shouldn’t miss this place out.

I read that the place to be for eating oysters would be at the port. I made a mistake of not finding out where eactly is THE PORT. I thought if we go into the town of Cancale, we should find the oyster bed and restaurants by the water, especially if we head to the “Rue du Port”. I was so wrong. The town of Cancale is like a residential area, there aren’t much around besides happy french people preparing for a day at the beach or a barbecue. We got so lost around town, and I couldn’t get myself to ask people “where are the oysters?”

the place to be for food.

Thank god, and GPS, we finally arrived the THE port. It’s located at the south of the town center by the water (should not even head inside the town center). There are tons of seafood restaurants at the Place du Calvaire. They pretty much all serve the same thing, it’s a matter of which restaurant offer the best deal. Although Cancale is a seafood haven, our mission wasn’t to pay a lot of money for a plate of mixed seafood. We were there for the fresh and delicious oyster, CHEAP.

5 euro for a dozen of delicious oysters.

Walked to the end of the road by the corner of the port, you’d see these 7 or 8 little stands in blue and white stripe. Selling a dozen of oysters for around 5euro (don’t even bother with the scallops). You pay for the oysters + opening fee (if you’re eating it right away) + price of a lemon (optional). Then you get your oysters on a plastic place. The lady would tell you “When you’re done, return the plate, the plastic knife and lemon to me; The shell of the osyters, to the ocean.”


so we took our plates, and walk to the ramp behind the stands. We sat down and started to enjoy plates after plates of oysters. God they are so good and cheap, and as I’ve said, I wasn’t even a fan of oysters. and it was so much fun to keep throwing the shells into the sea.

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