Mont Saint Michel, Bretagne

July 6, 2010 § 1 Comment

Bicycles and cars parked outside Mont St-Michel. May 24, 2010.

I always wanted to visit Mont Saint Michel in Brittany. To me, it’s just facsinating that people kept building on this little island, and created this triangle thing off the coast. This fortified town looks absolutely adorable, as if it came out from some cartoon fantasy. In a way, maybe it is the fantasy of little boys who love to play with legos. This is the place I wanted to see the most for this trip in France.

We scheduled to visit Mont St Michel in the morning, so we could visit Fougeres if we’ve got time in the afternoon. But if I have to do it all over again, I’d go to Fougeres first and then come here, especially if you’re a crepe lover. Since most of the restaurant do not serve crepe until late afternoon, and we missed the tide around sunset. So ideally speaking, visit another town first, then come here in the afternoon to see the monastery, eat the crepe and spend the time by the water while waiting for the tide comes in.

inside the wall, looks like straight out from a comic book.

Anyway, I still enjoyed my visit very much. We parked our car, then walked up to the monastery. Passing through those medieval looking streets, it felt like a lego land. There were tons of souvenir shops, it was very tourist-y indeed, but I wasn’t turned off by it.

It was nice to walk around the monastery, it was a huge place. Due to its location, you have to walk up and down some stairs. Through walking around different levels, I began to really admire the architecture and the structure of this place. Some places reminds me the Cloister in New York, and some places reminds me of an abbey in Provence… Then at the terrace, you get a beautiful view of the bay. I remember when I first saw the sand and water, I wasn’t too crazy about it. But seeing it for real, it simply looks like a beautiful painting. The water lines were constantly changing. Since it’s quite shallow and still, it reflect the colour of the sky pretty well. It’s hard to define where’s the water , where’s the land and where’s the sky. I just loved the view there.

It's just beautiful to look out to the sea.

Looking inland, we spotted some sheep around actually.

By the way, through one of the tunnels, they got a spot light pointing towards a corner. Lots of tourists would sit there and take a pictures. Since it’s dark around with just that spot light on, it created a very dramatic light and makes every portrait looks like a Caravaggio’s work.

After the tour and food, there wasn’t that much to do inside the walls. So we headed to Fougeres. When we were walking on the causeway to our car, we can see the water was just kept pushing inland. It was an amazing sight. I wish we had more time to stay around, or even get my feet sandy. By the way, there were millions of cars and tour bus outside the town, and I have absolutely no idea how is this little island capable to hold up that many people……

Wish I had more time there.

Prevous stop: Cancale
Next stop: Fougeres


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