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Chapel Bridge on the Lake Luzern. May 18, 2010.

This is the second time I visit the old town of Luzern. It’s absolutely a lovely Swiss town, just as what I remembered. We only have one full day to do a day trip from Basel, and we were struggling if we shold head to Luzern or Zurich. After a long discussion and some research, we decided to take the train from Basel to Luzern. We believed we could experience the whole “big city” thing in Paris. The ticket was quite expansive, if I remember correctly, it was like 20euro one way. (Train fare in Switzerland seems to be more costly than its neighbour’s). Once we steped outside the train station, we walked towards the lake and greeted by the Swiss swans.

The water is so damn clear, that’s something that I’ll never find in my hometown. There are tons of swans swimming around Switzerland, and most of them just loved to swim close to the edge to see if any human will feed them some bread. When we walked closer to the chapel bridge, we even see the shopping cart down in the lake. I guess the swiss swans like to do their own grocery as well 🙂


A swan with a shopping cart.

We went on the Chapel Bridge. Sadly, most of the original bridge was destroyed during a fire. But you still get to see those medieval painting under the roof. It was a very nice walk on the bridge, and don’t forget to stop in the middle of the bridge, and just take in the gorgeous view of this lakeside town from above the water.

After the bridge, we just wandered around the shopping district aimlessly. I have to say Luzern isn’t the best for shopping, but it was nice just to stroll around, instead of reading a map and try to get into any museum or churches on time. There are tons of buildings decorated by old wall paintings on the outside. It was very interesting to see the details on everyone one of them. We stopped by a restaurant to have swiss fondue. It was pretty good, but quite pricey.

somewhere in the old town.

Luzern was beautiful, but not a lot to do except wandering around. I’d say you can tour it in 3 hours if you are on a tight schedule. We stayed for a good 6 hours before going back to Basel and took the train to Paris and drove down to Chartres on the next morning.

grafitti style?

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