Monterosso al Mare, Cinque Terre (part 5) + after math

June 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

In Monterosso looking east, seeing a bit of every town we just visited. May 13, 2010

We were cold and tired by the time we arrived Monterosso, but since this is the last town of Cinque Terre. There’s no way we sould miss it as we visited the rest through the storm already. Getting off the train, we were not expecting much. We thought it would be just like the other towns with colorful buildings along the coast. Instead, we were greeted by a long strech of sandy beach.

I believe this town has its share of buildings cluttered at the east and west end of the beach with the train station in the middle. We walked along the board walk next to the beach. It was quite relaxing, if you weren’t that tired by all the walking and the cold. We walked to the west end, but honestly I didn’t find it that exciting. I didn’t see any buildings stacking on top of each others on the cliffs like Manarola. It actually felt like a regular beach town. It didn’t offer the charming quality all other towns have. We were quite disapponted by Monterosso, so we didn’t bother to walk up to the east end. I really wondered what makes it included in the Cinque Terre area… maybe just because “Cinque Terre” sounds better than “Quatro Terre”?

We sat on a bench facing the water while waiting for the train to La Spezia. I was thinking, it’s unfortunate that the weather was bad. Even all the towns are very touristy, I believe I’d enjoy it a lot more if it were sunny. We could have done some more hiking, instead of wating for the train in the cold.

the same sea view everywhere in Cinque Terre.

Did we make the mistake to stay in La Spezia? No, I actually love La Spezia (which will be included in another post). The accommodation was less expensive, more options were provided, and we didn’t have to drag our luggage up and downhill inside the villages. I was really happy that we didn’t stay in Cinque Terre when I first say how tourist drag their heavy suitcases up and down the stairs just to get out of the train station. I really didn’t think we miss out much by staying outside. However, I’d say if you find a nice B&B with a great seaview in Cinque Terre, go for it. Or if you’re planning to stay in the area for 4 or 5 nights.

I think the best way to experience Cinque Terre is to allow 3 full days to see each towns. Seeing 2 or 3 towns per day, so that you can take your time to explore each village and wonder around every corner. Trying to see all 5 in a day was a bit too much even we were taking the train. Then leave the last day to go back to your favorite town , or lay on the beach in Monterosso, or head over to other towns in the area.

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