Corniglia, Cinque Terre (part 3)

June 22, 2010 § 1 Comment

a hillside view from Corniglia. May 13, 2010

Since the blue trail was closed, we had to take the train in order to move from town to town. It was only a few mintues before we reached Corniglia, it was the only town that’s not touching the ocean. It was also only a few minutes before the rain came, after we got off the train.

The rain wasn’t heavy, so with our umbrellas we walked out of the station. There were one road that went up on the right, and the other one seems to go straight. We took the one that went up, as we thought the other one would be a dead end for the train station. Turned out, the right one went up to Corniglia through the road for the cars, and the other one was the one that went through the long staircase.

We walked uphill a bit, and we realized that’s not the way to the stairway. At this moment, a bus drove passed way further uphill, and looked like it was coming down. So we wran back downhill, and just in time to catch the bus (we have the cinque terre card, which includes the bus transportation within the villages.). Therefore we took the bus uphill and later on, we walked down through the starway, which was a brilliant idea.

There wasn’t much to see around the piazza of Corniglia. There were a few shops, a few restaurants and cafe. Not a busy town, but quite a few tourists, even it was a rainny day in May. We didn’t explore much, as the rain is starting to get heavy. We walked through a passage and see the back of the town that was looking towards the hillside, I thought maybe they were growing some grapes or olives there, wasn’t sure. We then walked back to where we got off the bus, and it was easy to find the way that led us to the stariway that goes down to the train station.

The long stairway down from the village to the train station by the sea.

I think the starway is a must-do, and I was glad that I did it the downhill style, instead of the opposit. Lots of tourist were walking up, looking exhausted when they weren’t even half way through. Anyway we were at the train station in no time. but the next train was like 40 mins away….. and while we waited, the storm hit Corniglia… and it was hard. I was glad that it didn’t hit when we were walking down the stairs. It also was a nice light show, with the thunder and lightening over the sea under the thick dark cloud.

looking back to Manarola from Corniglia, and the storm was right around the corner.

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