Manarola, Cinque Terre (part 2)

June 18, 2010 § 2 Comments

The beautiful sight of Manarola. May 13, 2010.

How can you not love this sight? I just love it the first moment I saw all these houses clinging to the side of the hill. One on top of the other, like the most amazing and the biggest collage I’ve ever seen in my life. Patches and patches of color just comes together to color the slope and create this beautiful sight.

We saw people kept heading to the trail, so we thought maybe the trail to Corniglia was still opened or there was a way to get there on foot. So we hurried and followed the crowd. Turned out the path was locked. So we headed back to the town and found a restaurant to have lunch.

A store in Manarola.

The town is of course very small, and most shops and restaurants look very touristy. I guess you probably can find something nicer away from the main street, but we didn’t bother to look around. We sat down at this restaurant, and ordered a few things includes an octopus salade and a seafood risotto. The risotto was a horrible experience. The seafood and sauce was amazing, but the rice tasted very raw and hard. I’m not expecting it to be as soft as Asian rice, as I know different culture cooks their food differently. But seriously, I think they could try to get a rice cooker…… Since then, risotto is off our list of food to order in Italy.

To continue our journey, we took the train to Corniglia. Make sure you get a copy of the train schedule at the tourist’s welcome desk, and read all the little notes on the bottom stating what all those little alphabet represents. Some trains don’t come on Tuesdays… somehting like that.

Last look of the town before getting on the train.

Previous stop: Riomaggiore
Next stop: Corniglia


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