Colosseo, Roma

May 10, 2010 § 2 Comments

[The Colosseum, Rome]

Colosseo, Roma. May 02, 2010.

A visit to the Colosseo is probably the best way to start off our Italian trip. It was drizzling, the queue was not too long, but we had purchased the Roma Pass. The place was just huge, and in this case, size dose matter. I didn’t expect the Colosseo to be in this scale. After walking around for a while, I was still stunned by the scale of it, and I can’t imagine how amazed the ancient Roman were when they first walked in this grand site.

However the whole gladiator and slave thing is just depressing. Personally I don’t understand how can anyone be so proud of their country, for having an architecture known for forcing their slaves to fight and kill another human being. At one point, I thought this is probably how I would feel if I was standing in front of Hitler’s grave.

Anyway, I was not a big fan of the ancient Roman history, but I definitely enjoy seeing this place in real.

Inside the Colosseo

Previous Stop: Keukenhof
Next stop: Foro Romano [The Roman Forum]


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